WRTC 2018 Teams Prep for the Big Event in Europe

There’s no substitute for being there, and for elite contester and WRTC 2018 participant Tim Duffy, K3LR, and other competitors, this meant traveling to Germany, where WRTC 2018 will take place in 1 year, in part to prepare for the big show. Duffy said getting on the air from Germany during the International Amateur Radio Union (IARU) HF Championship this past weekend provided an opportunity to test the waters, so to speak, by making sure that equipment works as it should, that propagation from Europe is understood, and that he and his team mate Sandy Raeker, DL1QQ/N0QQ, have a good shot at winning.

“I have operated in four past WRTCs, but I have never prepared to this detail in the past,” Duffy told ARRL. “So, taking a page from the K3LR multi-multi book (constant preparations), I am preparing with DL1QQ as never before.” He and Raeker will be the first male-female team in the history of the WRTC. During the IARU, he and Raeker operated as DR8A with 100 W in Multioperator, Two Transmitter (M2) category during the IARU contest. M2 is not a WRTC category.

via American Radio Relay League | Ham Radio Association and Resources http://ift.tt/2ujQ8I9