The Solar Eclipse QSO Party – Are You Ready?

From 1400 – 2200 UTC on August 21, 2017, hams will have the Sun’s shadow in their sights.

The objective of the Solar Eclipse QSO Party (SEQP) is to flood the airwaves with contacts, all measured by the automated receiver networks of the Reverse Beacon Network, PSKReporter, and WSPRNet. When those observations are combined with the logs from individual stations, the result will be one of the largest ionospheric experiments ever performed. Here’s how hams can have a starring role.
Start by taking the day off on Monday, August 21. The SEQP starts well before the eclipse begins on the western coast of Oregon. Begin making contacts right away to establish what the bands are like before the shadow starts digging a trench through the ionization “up there.” As the penumbra starts cutting into the solar disc, operate on lots of bands (multioperator, anyone?) or focus on a favorite.

Even if the higher bands aren’t too lively, be sure to cast some CQs there, because the network receivers will be looking for signals, and you can get bonus points for being spotted. That’s certainly a first!


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