WRTC 2018 Conducts New Round of Testing at 15 Sites

WRTC 2018 organizers conducted a second round of station testing June 23-25. The effort involved more than 100 volunteers, who set up 15 Field Day-style stations in the Jessen-Wittenberg area of Germany where the international competition will take place in a little more than 1 year from now. Joining the locals were amateurs from Bavaria, the North and Baltic sea regions, and the extreme reaches of western Germany. Organizers said that some familiar faces from the 2016 testing were once again on board, and many excited contesters ranging from 20 to 80 years old, were looked on. Four transporters were needed to move the necessary materials into place at the 15 sites. In addition to the large parts such as masts, SpiderBeams, tents, coax cable, and generators were many tools and small parts.

“At all sites antennas and infrastructure were set up without any major problems. The wind did make antenna construction somewhat more difficult, but luckily the weather was sunny and dry,” a follow-on report on the testing recounted. “The setup process was difficult work, requiring a lot of concentration to make sure all elements and parts went into the right places. Once stations were set up, they took to the air, using a different 2 × 1 call sign for each site.

via American Radio Relay League | Ham Radio Association and Resources http://ift.tt/2upCwst

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