Fifth Annual Experimental MF/LF Outreach and Demonstration Set for Field Day Weekend

Again this year, several radio amateurs who also hold FCC Part 5 Experimental licenses for 630 and 2,200 meters will transmit Field Day greetings throughout Field Day weekend, June 24-25.

“This event has been organized for the fifth consecutive year to promote awareness of the new MF and LF amateur allocations ahead of the opening of the bands to hams in the US,” John Langridge, KB5NJD/WB2XIQ, told ARRL. “It’s an opportunity where hams and ham gear come together for a fun weekend, and we hope to add yet another layer to the mix.”

Participating stations will include WH2XXP (K7PO) in Arizona, transmitting CW on 474 kHz on the hour and quarter hours; WG2XIQ (KB5NJD) in Texas, transmitting CW (and some JT9) on 474.5 kHz on the hour and at 20 minutes before and after the hour; WG2XKA (WA3ETD) in Vermont, transmitting CW on 472.5 kHz throughout FD weekend; WB2XSV (W0YSE) in Washington, transmitting JT65 on 474.2 kHz (beacon text at +1,000 Hz); WH2XND (NI7J) in Arizona, transmitting CW on 136 kHz, and WE2XPQ (KL7L) in Alaska, transmitting CW on 473.5 kHz. More participants may join the list, and additional details and operational status will be posted.

via American Radio Relay League | Ham Radio Association and Resources