FCC Threatens ‘Lifetime Ban’ on Non-Compliant RF Equipment Suppliers

On May 23, 2017, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) issued an Order and Consent Decree, imposing a steep fine and other penalties on a manufacturer and distributor of radio frequency (RF) devices that failed to comply with the FCC’s testing and authorization rules before marketing its product. The devices reportedly caused interference to radio transmissions, which resulted in the FCC conducting an investigation of the manufacturer.

After the manufacturer fixed the interference problem and proactively complied with the FCC’s RF equipment rules, the FCC agreed to a consent decree to resolve the case. Specifically, the FCC agreed to terminate the investigation in exchange for the manufacturer agreeing to pay $90,000 to the U.S. Treasury and implement a strict compliance program.

Read more: http://bit.ly/2rokabQ

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