Low-Power Broadcasting Proponent Nick Leggett, N3NL, SK

ARRL has learned that Nickolaus Leggett, N3NL, an early low-power FM (LPFM) broadcasting proponent, civil libertarian, and inveterate commenter in a variety of FCC proceedings over the years, died on April 26 after a long illness. An ARRL member, he was 72. Hardly any FCC petition or proceeding escaped his attention, and Leggett often was listed among those who had expressed their opinions. A recent remembrance in Radio World magazine described Leggett as “an electronics technician, analyst, technical writer and inventor who held multiple US patents,” but pointed out that he would be best known within broadcasting circles as one of the original petitioners for a super-local radio broadcasting service, which grew into the LPFM initiative. Leggett and co-petitioners — his wife Judith, and attorney and friend Don Schellhardt, KI4PMG — in 1997 sought to have the FCC establish a microbroadcasting radio service to give a voice to individuals and small groups.

“The microstation broadcasting service,” the petition said, “would also provide direct opportunity for citizen involvement in broadcasting,” which, the petitioners contended, had been left in the hands of wealthy corporations.

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