WIA quiet on AGM Motions on Notice

The Wireless Institute of Australia will hold the Annual General Meeting in May at Hahndorf in South Australia.

The meeting will be the single venue where the WIA membership can obtain detailed and direct information from the outgoing board, which in an emphatic vote by the membership sees six new faces take office at the conclusion of the meeting.

Any WIA member can contact the Secretary of the Institute, Mr Jim Linton, with motions to be added to the Agenda for the AGM.

Several WIA members have shared with us their motions and today we are putting these in the Public Domain, to allow the WIA membership time to prepare itself for these motions and to put the Secretary and outgoing Board on Notice that he is being watched very closely by the membership after previously declaring unilaterally that the General Meeting called for by members was dis-allowed.

The members have advised us that they have presented these motions in writing to the Secretary who has declined to acknowledge or confirm receipt. WA Amateur Radio News is aware that several of these have been submitted to the WIA as Registered Mail and we have evidence that the office has received these motions. We also need to point out that we are aware of further motions that have been made to the Secretary of the WIA.

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