FCC reforms ‘outdated’ 800MHz band rules

The FCC has decided to modernise its cellular licensing and power rules in the 800MHz cellular band to provide millions of wireless customers with greater access to networks at faster speeds

By updating various technical and service rules applicable to the 800MHz cellular service band, carriers should now be better enabled to transition cellular spectrum from 3G to 4G LTE technologies. The FCC is enabling investments in and provisioning of mobile broadband services in the band and it now permits wireless providers to offer LTE on their 800MHz mobile networks, while protecting adjacent public safety systems.

“The legacy rules limit wireless coverage for companies that want to deploy LTE,” said Ajit Pai, the FCC’s chairman. “This state of affairs changes today. The reforms we are adopting will help wireless companies better meet consumer demand for mobile connectivity and continue to innovate by facilitating the use of cellular spectrum to provide advanced services such as LTE.”

The adopted revisions will help to support providers “accommodate continued skyrocketing demand for mobile broadband,” said an FCC statement, which added it “will allow providers to use Cellular spectrum to provide mobile broadband service to the public more efficiently, reduce barriers to innovation and investment and ease administrative burdens. At the same time, the rules will continue to safeguard public safety operations.”

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