ARRL Seeking Synergy with Maker Movement

ARRL is reaching out to members of the Maker Movement to explore avenues of cooperation and collaboration, and perhaps to recruit some new radio amateurs. Considered an extension of the arts and crafts tradition, the Maker Movement gained its own magazine, Make, in 2005. The philosophy of the Maker Movement is reminiscent of an era when radio amateurs built their own equipment rather than buying it off the shelf. Those considering themselves makers have tended to focus on such areas as electronics and computers, robotics, 3D printing, metal and woodworking, and even Amateur Radio, among other avocations.

Recognizing the similar characteristics of radio amateurs and makers, the Ham Radio exhibition each summer in Friedrichshafen, Germany, has shared space with a Maker Faire, as maker gatherings are known, for the past few years. Maker Faires in the US have attracted thousands more attendees than even the largest hamfest; the Dayton of the Maker Movement takes place in San Mateo, California, and ARRL will have a presence at events in the Bay Area in May and in Chicago later this year.

via American Radio Relay League | Ham Radio Association and Resources

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