Communications — what was good, what isn’t (Pennsylvania)

Sometime in 1936, a person (or a family) likely somewhere in this area went to the local appliance store and bought a floor model Sears Roebuck, Chicago IL, Silvertone console radio. It’s a 10-tube model, the kind of radio that was the centerpiece of most Depression-era living rooms. I don’t know how many owners it has had, but at Christmas, my son, Peter, gave me one, so we are the latest owners of this historic communicator. (His hobby is restoring old tube radios.)

It is an AM model, but with three tuning bands, it allowed you to receive “… short wave, police calls, amateur radio broadcasts, aircraft and ships-at-sea …” That’s what the 1936 Sears ad said and there, pictured on it, was my radio. The advertising flier calls it “the biggest value in the radio industry today.” It describes the walnut veneer and its sweeping smooth lines. This was also a classic piece of furniture.


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