Apparent Pirate Station Transmitting SSTV on 10 Meters

In what might be a “first,” the December edition of the IARU Region 1 (IARU-R1) Monitoring System newsletter includes a report of an apparent pirate station transmitting Slow Scan TV (SSTV) on 28.001.5 MHz. The station has been transmitting latitude and longitude coordinates as part of the image, which would put the offender in northeast Italy, although it’s not certain if these indicate the station’s actual location.

Other intruders on 10 meters include a radar facility in Iran, transmitting on 28.500 MHz using frequency modulation on pulse (FMOP) with 225 and 334 sweeps per second and covering about 36 kHz with many spurious emissions. On 15 meters, Moroccan military traffic has been observed on USB on 21.000 MHz. Fishing crews also are said to be gravitating to the new 15 kHz 60-meter band, now becoming available in many countries.

via American Radio Relay League | Ham Radio Association and Resources