via the RSGB: Historic transatlantic contact

On 11 December 2016 a special amateur radio event will commemorate the 95th anniversary of the first transatlantic shortwave reception between Greenwich, Connecticut, and Ardrossen, Scotland. On that day in 1921, a radio signal transmitted from a Radio Club of America (RCA) test station – located in a small shack on the property of Minton Cronkhite, 1BCG in Greenwich – was received in Ardrossen as part of a series of ARRL transatlantic tests.

2ZE receiving station tent in 1921

The special event will begin at 1200 on Sunday 11 December and end at 0300 UTC on 12 December. It will include an attempt at a two-way contact between N1BCG (the commemorative call sign being used in Greenwich) and GB2ZE, operated by Jason O’Neill, GM7VSB, in Ardrossen. It is hoped the contact will take place during the afternoon of 11 December on 20m, if conditions allow.

via Radio Society of Great Britain – Main Site