Cops Catch Police-Impersonating Robbers And Suspect Who Yodeled, Made Death Threats On Police Radio

For most of September, police have been on the lookout for two men who were impersonating police officers to pull over drivers and rob them. And in August, in a seemingly unrelated case, the NYPD began searching for someone who was yodeling and making prank calls and death threats over their radio frequency. Today investigators announced that one arrest this weekend netted all of the suspects in both cases.

The September robbery spree included three more robberies that stretched into this weekend, in which the men came away with cash, a bike and a victim’s Samsung Galaxy. After police responded to a robbery in Queens on Sunday, September 25th, officers found the white van that the suspects were allegedly using in all of their robberies, parked on 14th Street and 37th Avenue in Queens.

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