Illegal GPS sea buoys on 10 meters

A group of Portuguese amateur radio enthusiasts are spending their own vacation time trying to identify the location of a series of GPS buoy clusters that are transmitting, illegally and for years, on the 10 meter band.

“So far, we have had some success in determining the location of the few that we can receive when propagation allows. The data suggests that these clusters are located in the Atlantic, alongside the coasts of Africa and Europe but it´s possible that they are present elsewhere”, indicates Paulo Teixeira, CT2IWW.

According to Paulo´s description, these transmissions consist of three second long F1B bursts(RTTY) at 51bd, 300 kHz shift. Individual transmissions are 10 seconds apart with the whole process repeating every five minutes. Frequencies are between 28000kHz and 28120kHz, at 5 kHz intervals.

“So far we detected them on 28010, 28025, 28035, 28050, 28065, 28075 and 28101 khz but we believe that other frequency ranges are possible”, advances the team´s spokesman.


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